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Braces designed for immobilizing and compressing muscles and joints are often made from nylon and neoprene and can be fastened tightly into place by Velcro straps. Orthopedic braces are generally divided into two categories, depending on the location of its application: upper and lower limb. Braces on the upper limb can be applied to the shoulders, collarbones, the arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. Lower limb braces, on the other hand, can be fitted over the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. Supports and Braces can be prescribed to stop limbs, specific segments of the body, or joints from moving for a pre-determined period. This can be very important in facilitating proper recovery and positioning as the affected body part heals. Supports and Braces are often recommended for restricting and assisting general movement, removing weight from healing or injured joints and muscles, as well as correcting the shape and function to reduce pain and facilitate improved mobility.

supports and braces

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy carries a wide variety of Supports and Braces including but not limited to:

To Brace or Not to Brace?

A mere glance at the sports section of the newspaper or social media page reveals the wide array of injuries that plague athletes as they participate in what they do best. In order to perform at their best, athletes should be concerned with keeping their bodies healthy as they are about regular training. Wearing sports braces is important for athletes because they keep our joints moving naturally. They help to prevent injury and also provide added support and stabilization for individuals who have sustained previous injuries. In fact, many professional athletes wear braces for sports to help protect their body from season-ending injuries. Using sports braces is just as important for recreational athletes as it is for professional athletes. Even non-contact sports can put you at risk for injury, especially if it involves running!

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy carries various sports Supports and Braces for:

  • Baseball & Softball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motocross
  • Running
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Maybe you aren’t an athlete but have joint and mobility issues or have recently had orthopedic surgery and need a special support or brace; The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy has exactly what you need to keep moving! Stop by our Douglasville or Villa Rica location and let one of our pharmacists help choose the best brace for you!

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy offers competitive pricing, a minimal wait time, easy transfers, specialty orders and since we are close to Tanner Medical and WellStar Hospital, doctors choose us as their preferred pharmacist! Serving over 300,000 patients in the Carrollton, Douglasville, Paulding and Haralson County area, The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy is ready to meet your healthcare needs and keep you healthy!

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