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What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence is a common condition and happens because of problems with the muscles and nerves that help the bladder hold or release urine. You may leak urine when you cough or sneeze. Or you may have a sudden urge to go but can’t get to the bathroom in time. According to the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Aging, incontinence is more common in older people and there are several possible causes for incontinence in men and women:

  • Weak or overactive bladder muscles
  • Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s that damage the nerves that control the bladder
  • Diseases such as osteoarthritis that may make it difficult to get to the bathroom quickly
  • In men, an enlarged prostate may also contribute to incontinence.
incontinence supplies

Different types of incontinence include:

  • Stress incontinence, in which the bladder leaks a bit when you sneeze or cough or laugh.
  • Urge incontinence occurs when you have a sudden urge to go to the bathroom but can’t hold it long enough to make it on time. This type is often connected to neurological disorders, diabetes and stroke.
  • Overflow incontinence occurs when the bladder is always full, so urine may frequently leak out. This type is often connected to prostate enlargement in men, although spinal cord injury or diabetes may also cause overflow incontinence.
  • Functional incontinence occurs when individuals have control over their bladders, but a disease or injury makes it difficult for them to get to the toilet quickly.

There are different treatment options available for the different types of urinary incontinence and your doctor or other health care provider will discuss your options with you and make recommendations based on your unique health situation. Medicare may pay for certain medical treatments for incontinence, but as a rule, it generally does not pay for incontinence supplies used to keep you clean and dry. The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy understand the possible financial burden that it may cause to have to buy Incontinence Supplies, therefore we are proud to offer our patients high quality supplies at competitive prices! We offer supplies such as:

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