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The Perfect Chair

People spend a great deal of time searching for the perfect wheelchair, and what usually comes to mind when looking is comfort, pricing, and daily needs. We provide a large variety of self-propelled wheelchairs, caregiver propelled wheelchairs, and standing wheelchairs. Wheelchairs can allow people with lower body injuries or paralysis to remain mobile and productive. They can be constructed out of durable and heavy-duty steel, making them the perfect mobility aids for clinical environments, or extended usages. Many wheelchairs are now made from lightweight aluminum and can be used as a transport chair or a fully functioning wheelchair.


At The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy, we provide ultra-light wheelchairs that are considered folding wheelchairs, meaning that the frame can be folded and stored into a small space, such as a vehicle trunk, car garage or storage space. To select the right wheelchair, you should research and decide which category, model, and price point is suited for your lifestyle and condition. Depending on your decision, you may choose a chair that has large rear wheels, which are usually self-propelled. If you have a caretaker or you are currently a caregiver, you may prefer the small rear wheel version of the wheelchair, which also includes companion handles. Manual Wheelchairs are the type of device that a person must move themselves without the assistance of a battery. You can choose from self-propelled, which requires the user to propel with the use of their limbs, and companion propelled, which means that you must have a person to push you. Whatever your need may be, The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy is here to help!

Your Local Wheelchair Experts!

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy offers many different models of manual Wheelchairs that cater to the variety of conditions that you or your loved one may have. Our manual wheelchairs include a large selection of high quality chairs that are highly competitive in price. We carry many different categories of Wheelchairs and depending on your condition you can find one that best fits your lifestyle! We provide transport Wheelchairs, standard Wheelchairs, lightweight Wheelchairs, ultra-lightweight Wheelchairs, ergonomic Wheelchairs and many others. We believe that with the help of our pharmacists, you will be able to find the best manual wheelchair available for your specific needs! We want to help you find the best way to keep your life moving forward! That is our commitment to you.

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy offers competitive pricing, a minimal wait time, easy transfers, specialty orders and since we are close to Tanner Medical and WellStar Hospital, doctors choose us as their preferred pharmacist! Serving over 300,000 patients in the Carrollton, Douglasville, Paulding and Haralson County area, The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy is ready to meet your healthcare needs and keep you healthy!

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