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Walkers, Canes and Crutches; Are They Just For The Elderly?

The fact is, individuals of almost any age use canes as a way to compensate for the loss of mobility, disability caused by disease or obesity, or to overcome limited functionality. Walkers, canes and crutches can help you stand from a sitting position, walk with confidence and stability, and restore your sense of independence! Many mobility aids are designed specifically for the treatment and recovery from injury or disease. Walkers, crutches and canes are designed to help with injury or surgery recovery and mild balance impairments. Standard Walkers, canes and crutches are available in many different heights and weight capacities, but The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy has many other balance and injury mobility aids available.


Standard vs Wheeled Walkers

A standard walker is a walking aid characterized by its use of platforms at the bottom of each leg, rather than wheels. Walkers have lightweight aluminum bodies and three hundred sixty degree turning back wheels, which provide unmatched support and maneuverability for those suffering from foot and ankle injuries. While wheels reduce friction and make movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide greater support and stability. If you’re struggling to decide on what type of Walker is best for you, try both styles and see what feels most natural! Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are happy to help you choose a Walker that is the best fit for you!

Canes And Crutches

The canes of today are very different from the ones of the past. Patients can choose from standard, folding, or quad canes. Canes are designed to help you overcome balance problems, weak legs as well as restore your sense of security! Crutches are most often used for patients who cannot support their weight with their legs, for reasons ranging from short-term injuries to lifelong disabilities. Crutches have spring loaded tips, designed handles as well as under-arm braces to help support a patient's weight without pinching, binding or slipping. If you’re in need of walking assistance, you’ll find affordable canes and crutches at The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy Douglasville and Villa Rica locations that will get you back on your feet!

The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy offers competitive pricing, a minimal wait time, easy transfers, specialty orders and since we are close to Tanner Medical and WellStar Hospital, doctors choose us as their preferred pharmacist! Serving over 300,000 patients in the Carrollton, Douglasville, Paulding and Haralson County area, The Apothecary Shoppe Pharmacy is ready to meet your healthcare needs and keep you healthy!

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